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People always ask me “what makes you want to surf big waves?”

Because there are no dragons left to tame.  



Nakoa Stephen DeCoite was born May 6, 1988 and grew up in Upcountry on Maui. He is the youngest of three brothers and Nakoa is an ethnic blend of Hawaiian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Irish.


Surfing - Speed. Power. Precision.

It took me a while to understand but surfing’s not just about performing maneuvers on waves. Although my ego still wants to show off, I’ve realized that like filmmaking, painting, or the martial arts, surfing is a form of self-expression. When I realized this, I feel in love with the speed, the power and, the precision that came with riding waves.



Training - Health. Performance. Character.

Yes, training is about health. Yes, it's about performance, and yes, I do enjoy the side effects of putting on muscle. However, more than all of those things, it is its ability to shape and mold our character that I appreciate the most.

You can learn a lot about yourself when you train. It can be very difficult and no one can do it for you. You and you alone have to put in the work and when you come out on the other side you’re better because of it. And did I mention you’ll be sexier?


Waterman - Connection. Discovery. Preservation.

The ocean has been a great teacher, a loyal friend, and yet, my worst nightmare at times. It’s been a place that I’ve faced many fears and at other times found peace. It’s been a place for me to disconnect from the distractions of the world and connect with myself.

The ocean has given me so much and I want to be able to share that with others. Maybe if people see how great the ocean is, they’ll stop doing things that are so damaging to it. I want to do whatever I can to help preserve the ocean so that future generations can enjoy it the way I enjoy it.